Zita Congress, since 1982, founded a specialized department for organizing every form of events, like Social, Scientific, Cultural, business and state-wide events. Our activities in this particular sector didn’t remain in a simple execution of our customer needs, but moved on a step further after our own initiative, by organizing, important events that served National Issues in a cultural and financial level.

Some examples are: The Cultural Week of Russian Gastronomy and music (Hilton 2001), The Financial Forum with a corresponding exhibition of Greece – Turkey in Athens (2002), Cultural Events of Greece- Turkey on Fashion shows (Anchor 2003) etc.

In our long-term course throughout these years until today, the organization of every form of events, is still a particularly significant activity for us, and in any case, we tend to our customer needs with a highly specialized team of experts, which consists of people from marketing, communication, creativity and organizational departments of our company group.

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