Since 1982, Zita Congress set 4 basic principles as a vehicle and strategy to its development. These four principles where Innovation, competitiveness, transparency and the respect to the human element and the environment. For more than 36 years we are evolving in the business sector, by developing new services like the complete management of scientific organizations, the communication and marketing of health services, Health Tourism, the effective utilization of Social Media etc.
On the other hand in our classic services like organizing conferences, exhibitions, business and scientific events, we developed new techniques and practices and we went over the Greek borders, establishing our certified ISO 9001 & 14001 quality services, across the 5 continents of our planet.


Over 35 years of experience!

Over 1.000 Conferences & Events

Over 500,000 Satisfied Participants

Innovation, Competitiveness, Transparency


Our ability to function as a one-stop shop, with a complete service package that covers Conferences, Events, and Association management from A – Z, is what makes us really stand out


We have exceptionally trained staff and use the latest techological trends in all activities of our company, and we tend to the special needs of evey client with flexibility at an international level.

Communicate to us your needs, targets and vision to help us understand the specific characteristics of your association as a unique entity and help focus on the things that matter the most.

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