Incentives, are integrally linked, to marketing and commercial policy of average and large Businesses. They have been the tool of rewarding the efforts and results, of employees and business partners, of a business, in the the commercial sector.

The goal, therefore, of a successful incentive, is the absolute satisfaction, therefore reward, of all company associates, that for a specific amount of time, they have made great efforts, in order to succeed ambitious goals on behalf of their company.

The organizer of such an incentive, therefore, has to realize the responsibility acquired, when planning the details of this trip from A – Z. The Incetive is no ordinary trip. Parameters like budget, Company policy, the special characteristics of the participants (age, education, culture, etc.), the special characteristics of the destination, seasonality, security nad many more elements, must be evaluated, with extreme caution, before the final press of the button “Confirmed”.

With 4 decades of experience, in almost every corner of the planet, wit over half a million happy travellers, Zita, knows how to plan, prepare and execute a particularly demanding Incentive.

Communicate to us your needs, targets and vision to help us understand the specific characteristics of your association as a unique entity and help focus on the things that matter the most.

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