• High level of experience (More than 35 years) in this sector
  • Specialization & Development at a local and an international level
  • Leadership and effectiveness in managing Scientific Associations and Medical Organizations
  • Certified quality in all our services
  • Corporate behavior and Eco -Friendly environmental practices
  • Flexibility and understanding of our Customer’s needs
  • Adaptivity to new business environments, trends and technology
  • Strict selection of business partners all over the world
  • Exceptional knowledge in financial, legal and commercial issues
  • Establishing services
  • Expertise in the exploitation of social media
  • Direct access to hundrends of thousands Scientists – Clients, in over 110 countries
  • Constant contact and collaboration with the media globally

Since 1982, ZITA Congress has maintained 4 basic principles as a strategy and vehicle for its development.

These 4 principles are innovation, competitiveness, transparency and respect to the human factor and environment.

For over 33 years, we have evolved the professional field, in which we are active, by developing new services such as the management of scientific organizations and companies, communication and promotion of health services, medical tourism, as well as the effective use of digital media.

Moreover, within our classic activities, such as the organization of conferences, exhibitions, cultural events & incentives, we have developed new techniques and practices, going beyond the borders of Greece. Our certifications ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 guarantee our procedures for quality and environmental friendly actions in all our activities.

On the issue of competitiveness, we constantly seek the optimum point where quality and excellence meet the lowest possible cost. We have not just concentrated on the financial component, however, because competitiveness is a much broader meaning. We have created new specialized departments within our company with the aim of completing vertical integration of a wide range of services, such as marketing, sponsorship, graphic design, I.T. & digital media communication.

Regarding transparency, we have established an honest communication and direct dialogue with our clients, in order to make clear all terms of cooperation without fine print.

All our balance sheets are audited by certified auditors annually.

Finally, we show utmost respect for people, culture and environment, organizing events like the Russian cultural week in Athens in 2001 and the Cultural weeks of Greek – Turkish Friendship in Athens and Ankara in 2000. We have trained dozens of students, mainly on conference tourism in cooperation with Aegean, Piraeus and Patras Universities.

For more than 33 years, Zita Travel department, has traveled hundreds of thousands of people in Greece and abroad, making them happy and loyal clients.

Today, we believe that these people are the most important asset for our company, giving us strength and enthusiasm.

Nowadays, in a difficult economic, political and social situation, we continue advocating the same principles which we have introduced since 1982: innovation, competitiveness, transparency and absolute respect to human and environmental issues.

Communicate to us your needs, targets and vision to help us understand the specific characteristics of your association as a unique entity and help focus on the things that matter the most.

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